20 Something

Caught up with how society views me in both positive and negative lights, I decided to make this project based on how I view myself. As many of you know, people know me for being the charismatic, outgoing type who does not care about what others think of him. It wasn’t always that way. I was always scared of being me in front of people. That’s one of my biggest secrets. It’s also why I was a big theatre kid growing up…Because I could be somebody that I wasn’t. I may love the spotlight, I may love the attention, but I have always feared what you think of me. And I’m working on that. I’ve had my fair share of insecurities, regrets, and mistakes that I feel were detriments to my character. However, I am not my trauma and I want to normalize these feelings through my music and through my platform. This project is about how I feel going into my 20s, especially the after-twenty-one-stages of my life. From heartbreaks to finding the better version of me, I feel as though this project resonates to how I’ve felt for a long time. It’s okay to feel isolated, it’s okay to fall in love with the wrong people, and it’s even more okay to cry about what’s going on around you. Though there will be bumps along the way, know that happiness is around the corner. At 21 years old, I know I still have a lot to work on in terms of my passion as well as my character. However, once I get to that point, hopefully when I am 20-something, I’ll have met the goals that I have always set for myself. Be happy to be you because nobody else is lucky enough to have that opportunity.

Lead Mixing Engineer: @ionikamusic
Lead Mastering Engineer: @ionikamusic
Mixing Engineer: @littlebomb99
Producers: Mantra, redM0SK, Noden, Justin Magnaye
Vocals: @dellyflay@bridorso
Art Designer: @gabbiluv11
Lead Photography: @rachel.shunk
Agent/Manager: @dmurray56
Inspiration: my AMAZING OBX fanbase (love you sekc ducks), my best of friends at home and my homies at @playabowlsseaside

EP: 20 Something

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